How to Write About Hot Issues

The issues are the topics of debate and contention that spark controversy, often based on deeply-held values and beliefs. They can be political, cultural, economic, environmental or health-related. A few examples of major issues include abortion, the environment, gun control, teen pregnancy, AIDS/HIV, education, poverty, drug abuse, religious intolerance, war and unemployment.

When writing an article about a hot-button issue, it’s important to stay neutral and avoid personal attacks or making unfounded accusations. Instead, focus on promoting your own argument in a clear, persuasive and objective way, and use factual data to support it.

In order to get the most out of your writing, start by creating a file folder and begin collecting articles and facts that will support your opinion on an issue. Once you have a good amount of information, create a one-sentence statement about your position on the topic and start writing.

Make sure your article includes practical suggestions and solutions, too. Whether you’re writing about how to avoid getting ripped off while shopping online or how to save money on food, a reader wants to feel like your advice will help them solve their problem.

Whether you’re covering a global, economic or political issue, try to keep up with the news as it happens. This way you can take advantage of timely opportunities to add relevance and importance to your article. For example, if an event dominates the headlines, such as a celebrity death or a stock market panic, it may be worth discussing in your article, or at least mentioning in the introduction.

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