How to Write About Issues


An issue is a topic that people are discussing, arguing about or debating. It could be something like a celebrity’s tweet, the cost of postage stamps or a political debate. People say that someone has “issues” when they are referring to emotional problems.

How to Write About Issues

When writing an article, you need to focus on social issues that are relevant in the current world. A lot of these topics have a direct impact on people’s lives and their wellbeing. Some examples of these issues include a lack of food, poverty, environmental pollution and discrimination.

Gender Issues

Women’s equality is a major issue that people are debating and discussing all over the world. It can cover topics like the gender pay gap, sexism and whether or not schools should have unisex bathrooms. It can also explore issues such as the feminization of men, Disney princesses and whether or not there is a need for gender quotas in workplaces.

Race and Ethnicity Issues

The United States is a country that has a variety of races and ethnicities, which makes it an interesting place to study the topic of race and racism. There are many issues that are currently affecting the lives of black Americans, such as police brutality and affirmative action, which is why it’s important to be aware of these social issues when you are researching for your paper. You can also talk about cultural appropriation, the history of lynching and how companies are renaming products to avoid racial bias in their marketing.

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