How to Write an Article About Issues

An issue is a topic of debate or controversy. For example, a politician may say that “the issue is whether we can trust the president to get the job done.” The term also applies to things that are happening around us, such as the issue of whether the environment needs saving. The best way to write an article about issues is to research the topic thoroughly and present a well-argued opinion on it.

The first step to writing an article about an issue is to choose the subject. This involves choosing a subject that interests you and the reader, as well as ensuring it has enough depth to warrant an in-depth article. For example, you might want to write about canned lion hunting or climate change, but these subjects have already received plenty of media coverage and will be difficult for readers to distinguish among the many other articles on the same topics. Instead, you might choose to focus your article on an individual animal sanctuary or conservation project and interview the person in charge of it.

Once you’ve decided on a topic, start by creating a file folder of articles, facts and statistics related to it. Make sure to include the names of key players and any quotes that you might use in your article. Next, create a theoretical framework that outlines what you will discuss in your article. The theoretical framework should be specific to your paper and help your reader understand what you’re trying to say in your article.

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