Motorcycles are a type of vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine, that is usually coupled with a gear transmission. Motorcycles can be found all over the world and are widely used as a means of transportation.

They offer a unique sense of freedom and control for the rider. Motorcycles are not as bulky as cars and do not require as much space to park. They are also cheaper to purchase, operate and maintain than other vehicles. In low and middle income countries, motorcycles account for a significant percentage of the vehicular fleet. They also contribute to a disproportionate number of road accident deaths worldwide.

Unlike passenger cars, most motorcycles do not have airbags or windshields to protect the rider in case of a crash. In addition, they do not have rollover protection systems or reinforced bumpers. Hence, it is important that all riders are well trained and familiar with the handling of their bike before taking it out into traffic.

Some of the most popular types of motorcycles are cruisers, sport, and enduro bikes. The latter are specifically designed for off-road racing and most closely resemble motocross bikes. These motorcycles are known for their long travel suspension and ability to handle tough terrain.

More and more women are now riding and owning motorcycles, too. The motorcycle market has responded by developing women-specific models.

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