The United Nations and Its Issues

The United Nations, with its specialized agencies, is engaged in many different issues: conflict resolution, peacekeeping, relief and recovery from disasters, education, the advancement of women, and peaceful uses of atomic energy, to name just a few. This section offers a glimpse into the work that goes on behind the scenes to improve people’s lives around the world.

A point or matter in question, debate, or dispute: a moral issue; a legal issue; an economic issue. Also, a specific number of something that has been printed and distributed: the issues of a magazine; the issue of bonds.

In a more colloquial sense, the word issue is sometimes used to refer to any difficulty, embarrassment, or problem: a person who has had several affairs may be said to have issues with trust; someone who picks fights might have anger management issues. Despite some disapproval, the Usage Panel has found this usage to be generally acceptable.

The first step in writing an article is to decide what the issue or topic will be. Then find a way to make the article original, fresh and interesting to readers. It is important to interview enough sources, and to check your facts. Write an effective introduction, which will draw the reader in and give them a clear understanding of what your article is about. Then write the rest of your article, including a Works Cited page. Edit and proofread your work, and get it checked by someone else as well.

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