What Are Issues?

An issue is a topic of interest that may have controversy or concern. The word is also used to refer to a particular point of discussion in a debate or legal case. The word is also used informally as a euphemism for someone’s problems, as in “He has his issues.”

This article presents global issues that affect people everywhere, whether they are economic or social. These challenges require a global response, and can be addressed at both local and international levels. They include the need to guarantee access to clean water, support ethical market economies and prevent climate change.

Inflation, the affordability of health care and drug addiction are top concerns for Americans, while gun violence, illegal immigration and climate change continue to divide the public along partisan lines. However, majorities across the political spectrum agree that the country’s ability to work together is a very big problem.

Poverty and homelessness are two of the world’s biggest issues. They affect one-quarter of the world’s population and put tremendous stress on governments, schools, hospitals and other vital services. They also make it harder for people to achieve their basic needs and aspirations.

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