What Is Development?


Development is the process by which a society improves its economic and social conditions. This can include improving the quality of infrastructure, employment, education, and health services.

Community Participation and Collective Action

In order for a community to develop, it needs to be well-organized and run by people who are committed to making the area a better place to live. This can include a variety of different things, from repairing damaged homes and neighborhoods to developing programs that help people learn new skills or get better jobs.

A Community’s Ethos

In addition to improving a community, development also involves ensuring that people have a sense of a sense of identity and a set of values that make the area unique. This is called ethos and is important to any organization or group.


In research on human development, researchers often use assumptions about the nature of development that are called meta-theories. These meta-theories are assumptions about the way that humans interact with their environment, and they can influence how scientists understand developmental change.

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