What Is Fashion?


Fashion is the way people dress, especially the clothes they wear. Fashions reflect the times and can be influenced by social, political or significant events. Clothing can also serve as a form of self-expression and can express one’s individuality. There is a huge fashion industry, ranging from the haute couture of Paris to the everyday sportswear and street styles worn in cities around the world. The industry is sometimes split into the high-fashion or luxury goods sector and the apparel or mass-market segment.

Clothing has a long history of serving as a sign of status, privilege and power: judges wear robes; members of the military wear uniforms; brides wear white dresses. Fashions can also reveal one’s identity, for example, by displaying how much skin is exposed. In addition to its utilitarian functions, fashion can create distance between groups. For instance, in high school, the fashions of goths and skaters distinguish them from preps, herbs and other groups. Fashion can also serve as a form of escapism or rebellion against authority.

Many magazines, newspapers and websites cover the latest trends in clothing and accessories. These articles can be critical of the latest fashions, or they may simply analyze them as popular culture. Regardless of the intent, it is important to avoid sensational or click-baity articles, which can damage credibility and reputations.

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