What is News?

News is a newspaper, magazine or internet story that reports on an event that is significant to the readership and that occurred in the past, present or will occur in the future. News usually provides a brief description of the event and then presents information, quotes or analysis of it. It may also include an opinion or a recommendation on the event.

News events are typically something that does not happen every day, or at least does not happen to everyone. They are a bit unusual, and they usually have a significance beyond a person’s personal experience.

Many people are interested in what celebrities do, what their lives are like and how they interact with each other. Celebrities are often in the news when they have children, get married or divorced or have health issues. They are also often in the news if they do controversial things or are involved in scandals.

In most societies, people are interested in what goes on in their communities and in the world in general. Stories about politics, weather, food and drink, sex, sports and the arts (such as theatre, music and cinema) are often newsworthy. People are also interested in stories about other countries and cultures, especially if these are exotic or unexpected.

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