What Is News?

News is a collection of information that is of public interest. It is usually reported in newspaper articles or broadcast on television or radio. Often, it is also published online. News is usually written to inform and educate people about events in their local, regional or national area. It can also be a source of entertainment. It can involve human or animal stories, politics, weather, sports, or a combination of these and other topics.

Generally, news is only considered to be newsworthy if it is unusual, interesting or significant and if it involves people. However, the definition of newsworthy can vary from one society to another. For example, if a man bites a dog in one society it will be newsworthy but if a man kills a dog in another it will not be.

Some news stories are based on the opinions of an expert, and this is considered to be a legitimate form of news reporting. This type of report usually involves extensive research and the inclusion of a variety of perspectives from different individuals. It may include quotes from both the expert and ordinary citizens.

Most news sites target a particular demographic of readers. It is important to know your demographic in order to write an effective news story. For example, if you maintain a website about Kansas City then your audience will be residents of that city or anyone interested in news from the city. Adding quotes from prominent members of the community can help you create a more personal and engaging story.

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