What Is Spirituality?

Spirituality helps us cope when times are tough, manage symptoms of mental illnesses like depression, improve the strength of our relationships, reach our goals, and appreciate life even when it’s hard.

The word “spiritual” comes from Christianity, but it’s also used outside of Christianity to describe a wide range of beliefs and practices. It refers to the belief that humans are more than their material existence and that there is a higher purpose for human life. It also posits that there is a continuation of life after death and tries to address extraordinary questions about our existence, such as what this life is about and why we are linked with each other.

People with a high level of spirituality are often more likely to believe that everything that happens has a purpose or meaning. They may be more open to religious experiences where they feel connected with God or other religions, and they may have mystical experiences that involve seeing other religious beings.

Social spirituality is a form of spirituality that occurs when people feel a connection with other people and a sense of community in their lives. This can occur when a person is surrounded by others who share the same beliefs and experiences, or it can happen when someone practices activities such as exercise, yoga, somatic techniques, or meditation that help them connect with a greater force.

It can also be beneficial to incorporate a regular practice of spirituality into treatment for mental illness. Many mental illnesses can leave patients feeling pessimistic or unmotivated, and a therapist can help them identify their spiritual needs and find a way to make them a part of their treatment plan.

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