Writing About Controversial Issues

A point of debate, controversy, or concern: “The government is facing some serious issues with the budget.”

A problem, difficulty, or trouble: ‘He has anger management issues.’

a scholarly or scientific examination of a topic:

Using a variety of sources helps you write an informed, detailed article. Thorough research will make your article more valuable to readers and will help you avoid falling into the pitfalls of common errors. It also makes it easier for you to provide accurate information.

When writing about controversial or hot-button topics, be careful not to slant your argument. Your goal is to present both sides of the issue so your reader can decide for themselves which side they prefer.

The use of slanting or presenting one viewpoint over another can make your article seem biased, and this can affect your credibility. For example, if you argue that GM is worse than Toyota because of quality problems, you should mention the positive aspects of GM cars and Toyota’s recent recalls.

You may also want to examine the different opinions of experts in your field and include them in your article. However, it is important that you do not quote directly from other people’s work without proper attribution. Including a quote from someone else without citing the source can be plagiarism, and plagiarism can lead to legal action against you. To avoid this, you should always cite your sources in a footnote or a “References” section at the end of your article.

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