Writing About Issues


An issue is a topic of debate or controversy. In business, it means a problem or difficulty. A company that has lost money may have financial issues. Someone who picks fights with other people might have anger management issues. The term can also mean an official statement or piece of paper that is issued by a company, organization or government.

The most pressing issues for the public in 2022 include the COVID-19 pandemic, economic inequality and racial tensions. However, the world faces other long-term challenges such as food insecurity, climate change and gender inequality.

If you’re interested in writing about an issue, make a file folder and start collecting articles, facts and statistics. Then, write a one-sentence opinion about the issue, and make sure every sentence supports your view. It is important to know your audience when writing about issues. Choose a topic that interests them, or they will be less likely to read your article.

Globally, there is enough clean water to supply everyone, but many people lack access due to poverty, displacement and conflict. Women in the world are still paid significantly less than men, and they face higher rates of mental health problems. Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest rates of HIV infection and death among children, as well as the lowest numeracy and literacy rates. The UN and its specialized agencies are working to address these critical issues.

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