What Are Issues in GitLab?

Issues are discussions, proposals, questions, and support requests — all associated with a specific project. Use them to collaborate on ideas and solve problems with your team. You can create new issues from GitLab’s app or by using the command line. Project admins can configure issues and add custom fields to suit their workflows.

An article about a specific topic, often one of interest or controversy. People may use the term to talk about a particular aspect of an event or to refer to someone’s problems: He has some issues, as in “he has some emotional baggage.” They can also refer to specific aspects of the political process: “They want to pass good legislation and not play the issues.”

The word’s original meaning was that something is issued or put forth. That’s why the phrase is used to describe someone who has problems: He has some serious issues.

When writing an essay about a social issue, it’s important to choose a topic that will be both relevant and manageable. You should be able to research the subject thoroughly without overwhelming yourself, and you should have enough material to present a well-argued and insightful analysis. Choosing the right topic will help you raise awareness about the problem and brainstorm solutions. You can also write an article about a topic that is personally meaningful to you. For example, if you’re interested in children’s psychology, you can write about how to help them grow up healthy and happy.

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